Humor in Filipino Business Names


I was in transit from Laoag to Ilocos Sur and then I saw a fitness place with the name GYM CARRY. A name like this catches attention and automatically creates buzz because one won’t miss the chance to tell their friends about it.  Continue reading

4 Step Social Media Marketing Strategy for small businesses

Marketing is a very important function in any business. Its sole purpose is to bring in customers, old and new. Our notion of effective marketing campaign equates to spending plenty of money. If this is the case, no small business with limited budget will ever succeed.  The key to a great marketing campaign is not the amount of money spent, but how it effectively drives the message to its target market. Continue reading

Profitable Business Ideas for Working Moms

Many working moms need extra income. Starting a business while being employed does not mean you have to leave your day job. This is exactly what the owner of an errand services did. She put up a business while working as an HR officer. She only resigned when the business is already stable and earns more than what she gets monthly from her day job. Continue reading

Managing a Start Up's Bumpy Road

The fate of a small business depends on the foundation it was built upon. The most important factor during the start up phase is the owner; for he lays his vision as the foundation, and his values serve as the cement that binds the corporate culture. However, having good vision and values do not ensure the success of a venture. Both are only concepts and will remain as concepts unless it is being acted upon. Continue reading

5 Entrepreneurial Tips for Multi-Level Marketers, Direct Sellers and Real Estate Brokers

The 3 careers mentioned in the title have one thing in common, they are all self-employed and solo entrepreneurs.  In the recent article by Dr. Villegas of The University of Asia and the Pacific, he stated that 28.8% of the Philippine population are self-employed (part of which are the solo entrepreneurs like ML Marketers, Direct Sellers & Real Estate Brokers). Just imagine the amount of taxes being contributed by these people.  That being said, they must recognize that they have a big responsibility to the society. And since they are a big help to they society, they must be able to sustain and grow their business. Continue reading