Profitable Business Ideas for Working Moms

Many working moms need extra income. Starting a business while being employed does not mean you have to leave your day job. This is exactly what the owner of an errand services did. She put up a business while working as an HR officer. She only resigned when the business is already stable and earns more than what she gets monthly from her day job.

Being in an office environment can be advantageous because you have a ready market to serve; your colleagues. Another advantage of maintaining your day job is the continuous flow of monthly income. However, there will be times when you have to juggle between two jobs.

The ideas presented below can be easily implemented because capital requirement is low, and the target market are your coworkers. The ideas also solve the 3 most common concerns of an office worker; time for shopping, time for food preparation and of course, the financial concern.

Profitable Ideas

Direct selling of apparels and cosmetics.

You can join numerous direct selling companies and sell the products to your office mates. They will buy from you because you are saving them time and gas to go and buy in the mall. Most direct selling products are sold through catalogues. A good way to entice your market to buy from you is to model what you sell, so they get to see and feel the actual quality of the product. You can also offer them “gives” to make it easier for the market to buy.

Selling lunch and snacks.

If you have a little talent for cooking, you can get into the food business. Many office workers would like to save by bringing food from their house, but many of them do not have the time to cook in the morning. So why don’t you wake up earlier and prepare food you can sell to your office mates?


If you have some extra money, do not put everything in the bank. Take out some of it and lend it to your office mate who is in need of extra cash and charge them interest. Interest charges may vary depending on the amount of cash borrowed and for how long.

And so…

If you are a mother looking for an extra income, you do not have to go far to find the right target market. They are with you in the office waiting to be served. So start thinking of what direct selling company to join, or what food to bring or how much money you can spare for your micro finance business.


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