Is your Vision Statement 20/20?

Vision Road Sign with dramatic blue sky and clouds.

A Vision Statement is important because it paints the picture of the company in the future. It also serves as the company’s yardstick to gauge wether it is near or far from where it wants to be. So as leaders, it is your duty to create a compelling vision that will inspire you and your people to act, not just make the vision hang on the wall as display. Here we will examine what a Vision is and how to craft one. Continue reading

Humor in Filipino Business Names


I was in transit from Laoag to Ilocos Sur and then I saw a fitness place with the name GYM CARRY. A name like this catches attention and automatically creates buzz because one won’t miss the chance to tell their friends about it.  Continue reading

10 Tips for New Entrepreneurs


People new to business is like going back to school, there are many things to learn and tasks to do. Often, this chaos of thinking what to do makes the entrepreneur “paralyzed”. Here are 10 “DO-IT-RIGHT-AWAY” tips that will help you move towards business growth.

Continue reading