Use "Quick Set Up" to Start Your Business

For a new entrepreneur, starting a business can be a mystery. You just do not know where to start because there are so many things to do and so many risks you want to avoid. Generally, there are two ways to begin. Some start by doing a business plan, while others just start selling with only a product in hand and market in mind. I like to call the latter Quick Set Up. Both paths can be a good way to initiate the business. The business plan is effective if you plan to bring in investors early on in the business. On the other hand,  Quick Set Up is a good way to get the ball  rolling fast and find out if your are assumptions are correct or not. For this article I will not focus on starting a business by creating a formal business plan. Instead, I will zero in on the entrepreneur’s way of starting a business. Continue reading

4 Easiest Businesses You Can Start

The economy of the Philippines is booming  and everyone’s spending mood is high. This current state makes it a good time to start a business. My readers always ask me what businesses they can get into. So I ask them what they want to do. Most of them tell me they want to start something easy to do and will not take much of their time. After several interactions with readers, I have noticed a trend in the business ideas I normally advice them to do. Continue reading

4 Ways to Start a Business with Almost Nothing

OK, so I have been thinking lately, how do you start a business with almost nothing? I want to make an article on this because I do always get this question from my readers. My short answer to this inquiry is, yes you can. Starting with very little happens all the time and has happened to today’s richest people like Gokongwei, Henry Sy and Nanay Coring Ramos of National bookstore.  Here, I will show you the different ways on how to raise resources to get your business going. Continue reading

Super Data: Numbers that help your business

Did you know that there are 255 babies born in the world every minute? If you are a business minded person you will automatically think of selling diapers to the parents of the babies. The  number of babies born is part of the demographics data. Demographics are numbers that give you a picture of a country or society; It can give a description of the population using numbers. In business there are different uses for demographics which I will show in this article.  Continue reading

4 Step Social Media Marketing Strategy for small businesses

Marketing is a very important function in any business. Its sole purpose is to bring in customers, old and new. Our notion of effective marketing campaign equates to spending plenty of money. If this is the case, no small business with limited budget will ever succeed.  The key to a great marketing campaign is not the amount of money spent, but how it effectively drives the message to its target market. Continue reading