10 Entrepreneur Myths

There are a lot of misconceptions written about entrepreneurship. Theses misconceptions are responsible for giving entrepreneurs that mysterious fog around them. Entrepreneurs are not superheroes, they are a bunch of people dedicated to making things better no matter what it takes. And that idea of “no matter what it takes” is what pushes them to be creative, thus, making their approach different. Continue reading

Where to sell your products this Christmas season

Christmas season is here again! This is the best time to come up with a business sideline and take advantage of all the spending that happens during the season. Products can be anything from food, clothes, accessories, novelty items and gift baskets. For this article I will focus on the channels rather than products. Many articles have been written on the types of products to sell, but very few have been written as to where the most effective places to sell your products.

Continue reading

A Must Knowledge for Entrepreneurs

Success is part knowledge, work, faith and luck. But if you do not consider yourself very lucky then try increasing on the others. In this post I will focus on knowledge. Many entrepreneurs attribute their success to knowledge, maybe from school or experience. There are 5 things you need to know so that you can increase your chance of becoming successful. Continue reading

How to be a successful entrepreneur franchisee?

Franchise business has been booming for the past few years. In the Philippines, it is almost in the front cover of every business magazines every month; From Siomai to ink. The promise goes like this, If you have a money, buy a franchise and you have an instant business as a source of extra income. It sounds easy but it is not always that way. A franchise is still a business and like any business, it needs attention. Continue reading

5 Personal Branding Tips for Freelance Entrepreneur

When you are new in the business, its really going to be an uphill climb. You have few  resources and still building  a good reputation to your customers. A good reputation is the building block of a strong business. Here are a few tips on how to create a brand for yourself. Continue reading