Humor in Filipino Business Names


I was in transit from Laoag to Ilocos Sur and then I saw a fitness place with the name GYM CARRY. A name like this catches attention and automatically creates buzz because one won’t miss the chance to tell their friends about it. 

Should you add humour to your business name? That depends. If you have humour as part of your business operations then you can surely be funny about your name. But if the nature of your business is something serious, then I advice a more formal name. In short, the name of your business should be part of the strategy and for it to be effective it has to be related to your business operations.

Here are some of the Pinoy Business Names with Humour:

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If you are contemplating about your business name, here are some names which cannot be registered with DTI:

  1. Similar or confusingly similar with a registered business name
  2. Prior registered names with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Intellectual Property Office (IPO)
  3. Immoral sounding
  4. Words which are scandalous, immoral and illegal in nature
  5. Names used by the government in its official non-proprietary functions
  6. The words: Company, Limited, Associates, Sons, Groups, Philippines, nation, state, barangay, Metro Manila, Philippines International, CALABARZON, and ASEAN, etc.
  7. Bargain, Discount or similar words
  8. Full name of another person (except when it is part of a duly registered business name, sells or transfers the business name)
  9. Names of any nation, intergovernmental or international organization unless authorized by the competent authority of such (UN, UNESCO, etc.)
  10. Names which misinterpret the nature of the business
  11. Generic terms
  12. Names, words, terms or expressions suggestive of quality of any class of goods, articles, merchandise, or service
  13. The word Industry (except when engaged in manufacturing, processing, and farming)


Images taken from various internet sources

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