Is your Vision Statement 20/20?

Vision Road Sign with dramatic blue sky and clouds.

A Vision Statement is important because it paints the picture of the company in the future. It also serves as the company’s yardstick to gauge wether it is near or far from where it wants to be. So as leaders, it is your duty to create a compelling vision that will inspire you and your people to act, not just make the vision hang on the wall as display. Here we will examine what a Vision is and how to craft one. Continue reading

3 Problems in Filipino Businesses and How to Overcome them


I have observed three prevalent problems in Filipino micro-small businesses. First is that many Filipinos start a business and abandon it. Second is that business money is mixed up with household money and finally, owners are not able to collect sales. Continue reading

Courage to Become an Entrepreneur: Sources of "Balls"


Becoming an entrepreneur takes a lot of courage for one would have to face a lot of uncertainity. There is the risk of leaving employment, the risk of putting money to something without control of the outcome and the risk of failure, to name a few. Continue reading

Business Quotes from a Management Guru — Peter Drucker


Peter Drucker is a management guru, educator and author. As an author, he wrote several books incuding “Entrepreneurship & Innovation.”  It is one of those books that is worth reading and re-reading because of the wealth of knowledge printed on it. One will have different takeaways from the book, for me it is about the importance of marketing and innovation in profit making. Because of that concept, I was able to develop a Business Model Analysis Tool which seperates operations & its support from marketing.  Continue reading