Inevitable 3: Startup Ingredients


My stint as a business radio host and Entrep Coach helped me get a feel of people’s concern about entrepreneurship. “What do I need to become an entrepreneur ?” is always the question I get from people who want to explore the world of entrepreneurship.

There are many answers to this, but I am a firm believer that starting up does not need to be complicated, risky and confusing. And so, I am trimming down the factors to three.

You need to have a genuine interest about the business.

Steve Jobs encourages everyone to find and pursue their passion. So true, because when you embark on a business, you will do it from for a very long time, therefore, you must really like it (something you are curious about and can be part of your life). A word of warning though. Passion is not something you find right away, it comes from doing something you like, which you begin to love, then time comes that you become crazy about it. That is when passion kicks in. What could be those things that you like, which you can do as a business? Always look within you, check your hobbies, talents, and network of friends and families.

You have to spend time thinking how to make things better.

Time is the next big investment after money. The thing about time is that you have to spend it wisely. When I started my business 12 years ago, I worked 7 days a week, and 12 hours a day for 1 year. I was there to learn about the tricks of the trade and to quickly fix concerns that arise. But it can not be like that forever. So that my business will grow, I used my time training people who can lead when I am not around.

You have to keep on trying new ways of doing things.

You can think all day but if no action is taken, nothing will happen. That is why you just have to do it! Action is the only route to success. Sounds easy, but it is not. Here is the thing about success, the road is not a straight line but one that is made up of swirly paths, sprinkled with obstacles. Since that is the case, just refer back to number 2. Simply put, keep on walking and keep your never give up.

Genuine interest, time and never giving up are the key ingredients in starting a business. This is the fourth, get up and start!

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