Is your Vision Statement 20/20?

Vision Road Sign with dramatic blue sky and clouds.

A Vision Statement is important because it paints the picture of the company in the future. It also serves as the company’s yardstick to gauge wether it is near or far from where it wants to be. So as leaders, it is your duty to create a compelling vision that will inspire you and your people to act, not just make the vision hang on the wall as display. Here we will examine what a Vision is and how to craft one.

A Vision Statement is how a leader sees his company in the future.  A good statement is something that is short, interesting and easy to understand, just like Bill Gates’ vision, “a computer in every desk and home”.

Here are some tips on how to create a good Vision Statement:

  1. Say what you want to be in the future, such as a leader, best or number one in….
  2. State how a perfect world is to you and build your vision around it. 
  3. Include who you want to serve or your market or the geographic area.
  4. Be clear and compelling, not confusing.
  5. Finally, make it come true so that you can be called a VISIONARY.

Here are some of the Vision Statements from Philippine companies. Some are long, some are short. The best statement are those that are simple and easy to understand.


To be an international leader in protection and wealth management.


We envision SM to be a Filipino brand that is world class. We see SM as a market leader that constantly innovates to provide best-value products and services to its millions of customers.

Human Nature 

We will be the gold standard of a globally successful enterprise with a heart that will embolden all businesses to better serve society.


To be the best property management company in the Philippines, so that when people in business think property management, they think first and foremost of APMC and the property management standards set by the Company.

San Miguel Corporation 

San Miguel will be among the largest food, beverage and packaging companies in the Asia-Pacific. We will carry into new markets our over a century-old tradition of quality and integrity. Consumers will take pleasure in reaching for our products and services because they are the best value for money. Our food and beverage brands will be in every household and every retail outlet. We will meet our consumers’ everyday needs, delighting their every taste. Through our products and services, every occasion to drink and eat will bring enjoyment …a celebration.

Mang Inasal 

To be the preferred quick service restaurant of every pinoy.


To be regarded as a major player in then property marketing, management, and development industry.

To equip our business partners with efficient skills and training that will help them attain an entrepreneurial mindset leading to their financial independence.

To provide our buyers with quality homes and worthy investments, helping them fulfill their dreams.

Cebu Pacific 

Cebu Pacific is internationally renowned as the most successful low-cost carrier in the Asia-Pacific region.

We take pride in being the best domestic airline and the Filipino travelers’ first choice.

We are reputed for our unparalleled genuine, warm and caring service.

We are recognized for our innovation and commitment to excellence, and we are the industry and academe benchmark for success.

We are an employer of choice, providing many opportunities for professional and personal growth in a learning, egalitarian and non-bureaucratic workplace.

Our people are goal-oriented team players, empowered and disciplined, with a big sense of integrity, enthusiastically spreading the culture of fun throughout the world.

Our equipment, facilities and systems enable us to ensure consistent highly efficient levels of operation.

We have a deep sense of family extending beyond the airline, encompassing the communities we serve and the family we love.

Make your own Vision Statement:

I want to be the ______________________in ____________________ within_____________.

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