Ano ang Mabibili ng 500.00 Pesos


Do you know that you can start a business with 500.00 Pesos? Yes, you can and this is what my students from MINT were able to do.


I have 20 Freshmen Entrepreneurship students and divided them into 4 groups, therefore each group had 5 members. Then I asked each group to come up with 500 pesos. The game is simple, the group that gets the highest profit in one month wins and gets the highest grade. One month after, the winning group made a profit of more than 6,000 pesos by selling food products they made.  Below is a short video of one of the groups who earned more than 3,000 pesos in one month. The video below is from another group. I posted this one because it is nicer.

4 Lessons from the video:

  • Anyone with 500.00 pesos can start a micro business.
  • You have to push the product by selling
  • You have to meet new people
  • Food is one of the easiest businesses to do

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