Courage to Become an Entrepreneur: Sources of "Balls"


Becoming an entrepreneur takes a lot of courage for one would have to face a lot of uncertainity. There is the risk of leaving employment, the risk of putting money to something without control of the outcome and the risk of failure, to name a few.

So where do the likes of Col. McMicking of Ayala corp., Gokongwei, Henry Sy, and all those who have started a venture from scratch draw courage to overcome the risks?

Courage is believed to be residing from within and can be summoned when needed. This is the notion because this is what have been told to everyone by society, books and seminars (Stupid seminars that make you walk on fire). But do we really have that power to be courageous anytime we want? If so, why do we still fear?

It is a mistake to think that man’s courage comes from within. For reality is, courage comes from the outside.

Take PNoy for example. He did not have any plans of running for presidency but he drew his courage from an external force, the people who clamoured for him. It was the support of the mass that gave him to courage to run.

John Gokongwei was born from a rich family, but his family lost everything after his father died. Because of his predicament, he needed to work to survive and provide for his family. Of course, known to many, he became very successful.  Need was the outside force that gave him the courage to fight, survive and surpass the challenges.

Support and Need are outside forces that give people courage to take on challenges. If you have a vision of starting a business and you want to have the courage, try looking for outside triggers that will make you the entrepreneur you want to be.

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