4 Ways to Start a Business with Almost Nothing

OK, so I have been thinking lately, how do you start a business with almost nothing? I want to make an article on this because I do always get this question from my readers. My short answer to this inquiry is, yes you can. Starting with very little happens all the time and has happened to today’s richest people like Gokongwei, Henry Sy and Nanay Coring Ramos of National bookstore.  Here, I will show you the different ways on how to raise resources to get your business going.

Sell your talent.

If you have a talent, you can turn it to money. Singers, magicians, dancers and artists know this because this is what they do. Some of them join contests or partner with managers to get clients. Aside from those you may use social media portals, like  YouTube, website or Facebook to market your talent cheaply. Some start by having no charge for their service  but my advice is to charge at least your cost for performing.

Borrow money or product.

If you have no cash you can borrow money or products. The cash you will borrow may be used to buy products or to market your service. You can also borrow products which you can pay days after or after you have sold it. Both are possible, you just have to know the people who will lend to you.

Partner with the rich.

Rich people have plenty of money but they do not have time to do everything. If you have an idea you can approach rich people to fund you. If you are working you may inform your boss about your idea, he might be able to help you with the funds. Some people are hesitant because they fear others might copy their business model. Well, that is the risk you have to take, so make sure you approach someone you trust.

Sell what you have.

If you do not have a talent, do not know anyone to borrow products or money from and do not know someone who can fund you, then you can just sell what  you own (not all). That is if you really want to get started with business. If you do not want to sell your assets, you may pawn what you own and use the money to start a business.

No Excuses….

I always hear people say they can not pursue their dream business because they do not have enough money. I think it is more of an excuse than reason. Yes, money is an important factor to start a business but you do not need much to begin. You may start by using your talent, what little asset you have or other people’s resources. If you really want to start money will not be a problem,  and so I say, if there is a will there is a way.


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