6 important things that should be present in the business plans of small businesses

Business plans do not have to be complicated, but it has to touch on important points that affect the business. When creating a business plan you have to be clear and concise so that is can be easily understood by the people who will read it. It must serve as a manual for your current and future employees. It must be able to describe what you want and how to get them.

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5 Entrepreneurial Tips for Multi-Level Marketers, Direct Sellers and Real Estate Brokers

The 3 careers mentioned in the title have one thing in common, they are all self-employed and solo entrepreneurs.  In the recent article by Dr. Villegas of The University of Asia and the Pacific, he stated that 28.8% of the Philippine population are self-employed (part of which are the solo entrepreneurs like ML Marketers, Direct Sellers & Real Estate Brokers). Just imagine the amount of taxes being contributed by these people.  That being said, they must recognize that they have a big responsibility to the society. And since they are a big help to they society, they must be able to sustain and grow their business. Continue reading

7 Effective Entrepreneurial Management Tips for Small Businesses

Entrepreneurship used to be a gut feel game. But  schools like University of Asia and the Pacific, Ateneo ME program, MINT College and Business short course provider, Innove have put a science behind the entrepreneurial process. And because of this, it is easier to put your big dreams to reality.

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10 Techy Home Based Business Ideas for Filipinos

There are plenty of skilled Filipinos out there who choose to become an skilled migrant instead of staying in the Philippines. They are an asset and it is better if they stay home and help our country. If you are one of them read this article and the following tips are for you: Continue reading