10 Techy Home Based Business Ideas for Filipinos

There are plenty of skilled Filipinos out there who choose to become an skilled migrant instead of staying in the Philippines. They are an asset and it is better if they stay home and help our country. If you are one of them read this article and the following tips are for you:

  • Photography services. Photography has increased its popularity over the last decade because of the digital camera. Nowadays, digital cameras are cheap and affordable, you can buy it brand new for 25,000 or second hand for 10,000. With a little training, experience and portfolio, you can start charging for advertising, portrait or event photography.
  • Web developer. The ever increasing web activity has also increased the need for web developers. You can even start by learning WordPress and you can find plenty of tutorials online. It would be a great advantage if you know some basics in graphic design.
  • Enterprise Programmer. Bill Gates started in a garage, so can you. Get some logic formulation classes and learn a programming language. If you are confident with your skill, you can start programming for companies which are looking for database or accounting solutions.
  • Virtual assistant. Virtual Assistants  are self employed people who provide assistance to firms or individuals. Jobs can be from typing letters, scheduling appointments or making presentations. Communication is done online and charging can be per hour or project.
  • Graphic designer. If you are an artist and likes designing, you can start your home based business with just the right software and computer.  You can start with easy jobs like calling cards, tarpaulin design and children’s party invitations.
  • SEO specialist. With so much marketing noise online, a business must be able to crawl up on the first page of a search engine. This is the very role of an SEO specialist; to bring your page up there. And this job is going to be very in demand soon. It’s not a very hard task to do, but it needs logic and research to make a good SEO specialist
  • Social media manager. Social media is an important tool for business, most specially for businesses who are targeting the 18-24 age group. This is one of those easy and fun jobs to do because all you have to do is to post contents and be on facebook and twitter for 8 hours.
  • Online store owner. There are a lot of transactions going on over the Internet. Sites like Sulit and multiply are just two of the places where you can set up your online stores for free. With this type of job, you need to be good at sourcing products, taking photos and writing product specs. Here is a tip, beauty products and girl’s stuff are hot products, try to price your products within the ranges of 250-500 pesos.
  • English online tutor. If you are good in English and know a little about computer operations, you qualify to be an online English tutor. The biggest market for this type of business are the Koreans. Instead of leaving their family for years they can be in there homeland while learning English.
  • Content developer. A website is nothing without content. The main goal of the content developer is to make contents that will hook people to stay and browse a website. To qualify for such task, you need to be a good writer and be able to communicate well.

What are you waiting for? If you have the skills and talents, start your home based business career.

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