5 Personal Branding Tips for Freelance Entrepreneur

When you are new in the business, its really going to be an uphill climb. You have few  resources and still building  a good reputation to your customers. A good reputation is the building block of a strong business. Here are a few tips on how to create a brand for yourself.

 Word of mouth is king. Marketing formats will come and go but one will remain true forever, that is word of mouth. There is no advertisement more effective than your friend telling about a product he tried. Especially for new freelancers, word of mouth is the most effective way to get known. So the next time you have a client, ask for a testimonial to put in your resume or social media account. Oh I forgot, make sure you are likeable first.
Be in the social networks. Today, social media is the best place to start a business for freelancers or businesses with a small budget. It’s free, people are all there and interaction is easy. In the Philippines Facebook is still king. If you are a business consultant, try using linked in.
Work with other pros. Working with pros increases your confidence and you can learn new tricks from them. If they like you, they can introduce you to other pros who can be of help to your career. Don’t forget to take photos beside them to put in your website or social media account.
Make strong first impressions. As they say first impression lasts forever. You only have a few seconds to make a first impression, so give them your best. Make sure you dress and look the part, carry a business card and be professional.  By being professional this means that you deliver your promises on time and beyond what is called for.
Create a difference. When digital photography came out, everyone was buying a camera and everyone was declaring that they are professional photographers. People made business cards and they can be hired for very small fees. But only thos who created differentiation in the way their photos look lasted. Create a difference in your product or service because this will separate your from the amateurs.
Have you already built a brand for yourself? What are your plans?

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