5 Entrepreneurial Tips for Multi-Level Marketers, Direct Sellers and Real Estate Brokers

The 3 careers mentioned in the title have one thing in common, they are all self-employed and solo entrepreneurs.  In the recent article by Dr. Villegas of The University of Asia and the Pacific, he stated that 28.8% of the Philippine population are self-employed (part of which are the solo entrepreneurs like ML Marketers, Direct Sellers & Real Estate Brokers). Just imagine the amount of taxes being contributed by these people.  That being said, they must recognize that they have a big responsibility to the society. And since they are a big help to they society, they must be able to sustain and grow their business. Continue reading

7 Effective Entrepreneurial Management Tips for Small Businesses

Entrepreneurship used to be a gut feel game. But  schools like University of Asia and the Pacific, Ateneo ME program, MINT College and Business short course provider, Innove have put a science behind the entrepreneurial process. And because of this, it is easier to put your big dreams to reality.

Continue reading

9 Tips on How to Say Goodbye to Your Boss and Hello to Your Own Business

Many Filipinos love to have a business of their own but  are always hesitant to take the risk. That is OK, nobody likes risk anyway. I once did a survey among employed people. I ask them to raise their hands if they want to have a business. 100% raised their hands. I asked them if they are would shell out a month of their salary to a new business. Nobody raised hands. So I asked them what they want to do as their business. They all said that they will use their skill to start a business. That I think is practical and wise but as Michael Gerber said in his book, skills alone do not make you successful. You still need to be scientific in your approach to starting a new business, most especially when you are trying to transition from being employed to self-employed.  So how would you say goodbye to your boss and hello to business? Continue reading

A Must Knowledge for Entrepreneurs

Success is part knowledge, work, faith and luck. But if you do not consider yourself very lucky then try increasing on the others. In this post I will focus on knowledge. Many entrepreneurs attribute their success to knowledge, maybe from school or experience. There are 5 things you need to know so that you can increase your chance of becoming successful. Continue reading

How to be a successful entrepreneur franchisee?

Franchise business has been booming for the past few years. In the Philippines, it is almost in the front cover of every business magazines every month; From Siomai to ink. The promise goes like this, If you have a money, buy a franchise and you have an instant business as a source of extra income. It sounds easy but it is not always that way. A franchise is still a business and like any business, it needs attention. Continue reading