Treat Customers like Royalty

Any size of business will have paying customers. But customers will always vary in terms of their wants and needs; however one thing is common among them, they all want good customer service. When we talk about customer service, we mean how one deals with his buyers before, during and after a transaction.

Customers bring in the money and they bring in new customers if they like you.  This is the reason why a small business must be conscious about how they treat the customers. In many small businesses I have dealt with, I often get very poor customer service. They either do not mind you when you come in or they do not know what their product specs are. When I encounter this, I always politely excuse myself and find a more competent one.

To create a company with great customer service, the owner must commit to the following:

Hire the right people.

You must always hire the right people to do the job. Never take shortcuts in hiring. If the person you interviewed is not passionate about the job and is only applying for the money, you better send him home. It will save you money and headache.

Provide enough training to the people.

It does not matter what size your business is. You have to train your people about proper customer service. Most of the problems root from miscommunications, so your employees need to learn how to listen and respond to the customers the right way.

Response does not only mean verbal. Customers are also sensitive to body language and the voice’s tone. So whoever is dealing with the customer must be very conscious of the way he or she appears and sounds to a customer.

Give feedback to the employees.

Employees, especially the new ones are unaware of their shortcomings. To make them deal better with customers, you have to give them enough feedback. Do not just say “good job”, you have to tell them why. It is a lot better when you are specific about the details of their actions. Because when they know what they did right, chances are they will repeat the commendable action.


Customer service is very important to the life of your business. It gives your business the edge over others. If you want to have a great business, apply the 3 things I have mentioned above. Start beefing up on your customer service, its will speed you up to the big league.





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