The value of failure

Winners know that failure can bring life’s most valuable lessons.  Though this is the case, many still fear losing because of the mental pain and stigma that come with it. What we need to understand is that both success and failure are temporary. This means that one cannot forever get stuck in a particular situation.  And that no matter how good we are, failure is an inevitable part of life, so we might as well take home the lessons that come with it.

The lessons that come with failure:

Uncovering Who We Are.

Failure can reveal 2 things about us. One would be our capabilities, which show us what we can do during hard times;  whether we fight to reverse the situation or give up and accept defeat. The other is our character, which is about who we are during tough times. How we handle events define our values and character as a person.

The ability to know how we react and handle situations is called self awareness. This is important because it can give us an idea of our strengths and weaknesses. The bottom line  is, by knowing who we are we can  improve our weaknesses and taking advantage of our strengths.

Knowing Your True Friends.

When you are successful you always have plenty of friends. And numbers decrease when you are no longer in the state of success. Just look at politicians. When they are in position, they have plenty of  friends. But once they lose their power and position, supporters drastically drop. Those who stand by your side are those who truly care and therefore they are your real friends.

Developing Resilience.

You make a sword sharp by putting it under heat and by pounding it with hammer.  This is also the same with us. The hard experiences we overcome mold us to become stronger, sharper and better. This means the next time we go through a challenge, it is not going to be as hard as the first one anymore because we are already resilient.


In Conclusion

The most successful people know that losing is part of victory. No great man has ever won a war without first losing several battles. Tomas Edison made a lot of mistakes before perfecting the light bulb. Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper job because the editor thought he lacked imagination.  These people who once failed and then became successful know that learning from failure is key to overcoming bigger challenges. Therefore losing is not to be feared, it is to be learned from.


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