5 Tips to sell better

I received a question over the radio asking about selling skills for new entrepreneurs, so here it is.

One of the skills a founder must have is the ability to sell. Selling can be delegated to an employee, but it is highly recommended that the founder is the one dealing face to face with a client. There are two reasons why: The owner must learn how his product is received by the market and know if the client’s problems are solved by the offer.

Here are 5 Tips on what to do during sales pitch (pitching is when you are throwing your sales presentation to a client):


Know the background of the company. Try to get to know what there problems are. It is an advantage to know who you are going to talk to and their background. Also, make sure you are knowledgeable about your product specifications. The more you know about your product the better offer you can make.

Prepare & Practice

Create a nice presentation that clearly explains your offer and how it solves their problems. Practice your presentation to your colleagues and listen to their comments.

Create Impact

First Impression lasts. You are being judged by the people you will present to so make sure you create a good impression. Always carry a business card, courtesy is a must, wear something appropriate, speak well and have confidence (there is difference between confidence and arrogance).

Tell a story

Numbers are boring so instead of showing graphs, tell them how those numbers relate to their business. Use testimonials of previous buyers, if you have none, just tell them why your product is better than the others.

Don’t turn them off

Do not pressure your customers to buy or sign contracts. This means no hard sell. Give them time to think and assess the presentation. It is always good that the initiative to buy comes from them. However, it is not a sin to do a trial close, like asking them, “when do you want to buy?” This will help you gauge your status, whether you have a chance or not.



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