10 Best Marketing Practices for Small Businesses



Marketing is a very important business function. It is responsible for bringing new customers and making them come back. In this article I will talk about the marketing activities and tools that can easily be done by small business entrepreneurs. This means that whatever I put here requires only few resources like money and manpower.


Small Business Marketing:

  • Facebook Marketing. A Facebook page is a must. This is a good way to talk to your customers and update them with your products and services. This page can also serve as your portal for customer service.
  • Referrals. This is the most effective marketing tool in the world because those who promote are those who have tried and liked your product. To build on your referrals, make sure you have a great product and service, and encourage your clients to refer your business to their friends. You can offer rewards to clients who bring in new customers to increase your referral revenue.
  • Text blast. Sending your potential and old customers updates of new items and reminders to purchase can increase sales. So make sure you always ask and keep their information.
  • Email blast. Sending emails is another good way of keeping your customers updated with what is happening with in your business. However, with text and email, you should not spam the inbox of your client.
  • Blogging and Podcasting. Clients and possible customers want to be educated. Aside from learning about your product through their friends, they also use internet to know more about your product. Through blog and podcasts, your customers not only become aware of the product, they also learn how it is used.
  • Forum presence. Forums,both virtual and physical is another place where potential customers go to look for solutions. Try to get audience by becoming a speaker or answer questions in online forums.
  • Coupons. Customers love to get their money’s worth. Coupling a good way to get some attention from your customers. The idea of coupling is making your customers try, but it does not end their. A successful campaign is making sure those who try will make another round of purchase or bring in new customers.
  • SEO. A website is now a must for businesses, big or small. To make sure your customers find you, you have to know they key words they use when the surf the net. If you are not techie, you can hire someone who knows SEO.
  • Online Store and Website. This is already a no brainer. In a digital world, all businesses must have virtual presence. A good online site must have contents that make customers come back. Games, videos, and blogs are some ways to hook your customers to use your site and eventually buy.
  • Business Cards. Technologies come and go but business cards will stay forever. This is the very first marketing tool you need to have. This must contain valuable information like name and points where they can contact and learn about you.

To make the activities I put in this pose effective, the entrepreneur must study the market of the business and match them with the marketing activities where they respond best. For example, if you are after the market who uses a lot of online searching, make sure your business is equipped with the right marketing tools and activities like SEO, website and forum presence.

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