Entrepreneurial Virtues

Photo by Cade Prior on Pexels.com

Virtues are behavior showing high moral standards. Here I will share virtues found in entrepreneurs.

Based on the 3 traits of entrepreneurs, which are: idea generators, innovators, & initiators, there are virtues connected to those traits:

  1. As idea generators the entrepreneurs must be able to formulate insight through introspection, investigation of the environment and trust intuition. The virtues related are: rationality and faith. Rationality because the entrepreneur must be able to think, reason and imagine as he or she introspects and investigates the environment to come up with insights. When it comes to intuition, the ability to envision the future by sudden knowledge without need for conscious reasoning, the entrepreneur must be able to have faith in intuition. This faith allows him or her to hold on to a belief while finding ways to create reality.
  1. As innovators, the entrepreneur must be able to have the virtue of objectivity. Innovation entails research and to be able to come up with sound findings, the entrepreneur must be able to judge without partiality. Objectivity is then the concept of truth independent from individual subjectivity.
  1. Finally, in order for the entrepreneur to initiate the venture the entrepreneur must have the virtue of integrity and the virtue of courage. Integrity means to be whole and for a person to be whole, he or she must be able to align what they are thinking into action, of course the thought must be morally upright. The opposite integrity is hypocrisy or to say one thing and do something else. Then we have the virtue of courage. This virtue is for one to be able to make decision, take risks and rectify errors. Often, a lot of people have great business ideas yet fail to pursue because of fear. Nelson Mandela best explained courage with these words: “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

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