How to effectively sell online

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Online selling this pandemic is on the rise.  This is because of several factors: efficient logistics, online payment system, people are at home and a new needs brought by the pandemic.

In the last few months there was also a rise in new Facebook groups and stars. 2 of them is homebuddies and Ninong Ry. These groups and personalities help entertain people and promote consumerism, which is good for the economy.

Going back to effective online selling, what could be the different way you can do to close more sale?

  • There has to be a product need. This one is quite obvious. Your product is something that people would want to buy. In the last few months, home office furniture saw an increase in sales. Reason is the work and study from home. Finding your product is not rocket science, you just need to start with one and learn as you go along.
  • You need to look good. Your page, photos and descriptions need to be appealing to your target audience. It has to attract attention. Having said, you need to have a little background in branding and design. He is a little tip. Make sure the photos or videos are clear. Use a consistent color and keep it to 3 or less.
  • Focus on a niche market. This is what is good with online selling; you can target a specific audience. You just need to be clear on what you want to sell and the benefit you are offering. One example is mid-century Manila. They offer vintage furniture from the mid-century modern era. They have a small market but the market is a paying market.
  • Make purchasing easy. Check your payment options. Since people are going out less, take advantage of payment apps like Gcash or Dragon Pay. Also, be sure to deliver the items right away.

These are 4 basic tips that will help you sell more. Of course, for this to be effective, it has to be done consistently.

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