Value Proposition

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Value proposition is what you are offering to your prospective customers. I can be convenience, lower cost or service. It is also what differentiates you from your competitors.

How do you find your VP?

The VP mainly comes from what the competitor can’t offer or what their current customers do not get from them. By turning their weakness into a solution you can offer, then you come up with your VP or differentiation.

There are ways of finding their weakness: It can come from your personal experience or by asking their customers, through research. There are also those unspoken dissatisfaction, those things that dissatisfiers that customers are not aware off but can be sensed by the sensitive entrepreneur. This unspoken or unknown dissatisfaction are those that create the greatest value. Who would have thought that unlinrice from Mang Inasal will make them successful or the first Apple PC. Those behavior-changing products are beyond the current framework of innovation and academic entrepreneurship, which is only known to those who are sensitive enough to find and exploit them.

A Value proposition can be derived from a customer or one’s dissatisfaction as well as that unspoken dissatisfaction known only through the eyes of the sensitive entrepreneur.

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