Business Advice for the Young at Heart

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Yesterday, a former student (transferred to another school) sent me a message to seek advice on her business. She has been into retail business for a few years now.

Her problem is that her sales in low even if she is present in Facebook, TikTok and Instagram, and she needs advice on how to grow her sales.

I asked her the following:

  1. Target audience
  2. How her social media looks

She gave me an age range that ranges from mid teens to late 20s. Her socmed photos have clothes (sports and casual) and food.

This is a common mistake made my most entrepreneurs, specially the new ones: targets everyone and offers everything.

It goes against the marketing maxim, you can’t be everything to everyone. To apply this maxim means choosing a specific market and offering them their needs. If the customers are office workers and the business is in office fashion, then the product needs to be office clothes/accessories.

Offering everything to everyone only confuses the market and does not create brand recall. If I ask you what is the Filipino fastfood you go to, I am quite sure that almost a hundred percent will say Jollibee, that is because they are clear about their offering: fastfood items that fit the Filipino taste.

I gave her the following advice:

  1. Clearly define the market you want to serve
  2. Focus on 1 social media where your target market goes to frequently
  3. Do not clutter your social media by posting photos not related to the brand identity you want to build. If you are into office fashion, you can post fashion accessories for office wear but not food because food and fashion are 2 different categories.

It all boils down to clarity. The clearer you are, the easier for your customers to remember you and think of you.

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