No Justice in a Page

Looking at the business’ logo history, compressed in one photo, success may appear easy. What it doesn’t show is the decision to change, process of change and the effects of change. What we dread is change and the uncertainty of its results, or the moving away from what we are used to and the predictability of the outcome.

Many so-called gurus, coaches and mentors loosely evangelize leaving the comfort zone to succeed in life as if it can happen with a snap of fingers. Yes, in theory it may be easy but in practice it is not because when you change, everything connected to you changes as well.

Great expectations lead to disappointment. Every time we attend a seminar, workshop, webinar or read a book, our expectation to succeed goes up. Of course, we want to get our money’s worth but that is not how it goes. A 2-workshop is useless unless it is practiced the right way. Underscore right way.

In many of my classes, the question of how to succeed comes up. I give them this answer: there is no blue print to success except the commitment to action, no matter how slow. There are no short cuts but there are skills, virtues and people who will help you achieve your goals.


photo source: Mirajane Linatoc

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