Where is Humanity in this Pandemic?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

When I watch the news, I can’t seem to find any good news related to this pandemic. The numbers are steadily going up and there are less medical professionals who want to get employed in health care industry and the healthcare system is starting to get overwhelmed again. We were dealt a bad hand.

I can’t seem to find humanity in this pandemic or have I been blinded by the suffering of those who are dying, those stranded LSIs or the incompetence of leaders? Are there any news the can at least give us a glimpse of hope, an Ace of Diamond?

No matter where I look, I do not see humanity in F*ck You, I don’t see humanity in ad hominem, I don’t see humanity in getting imprisoned by the contract, I do not see humanity in double standards, I don’t see humanity in manipulation.

Let me make a guess on where humanity is.

I guess they are at home, in the togetherness of the family. I guess they in the struggles of those who are suffering to make a living for their family. Humanity is in the silence of those who are praying for others. Humanity is in those who are mindful of others. Humanity is finding the truth in the message. Humanity is in big businesses helping consumers with their bills. Humanity is in the spirit of policies that try to alleviate people’s problems. Humanity is in the action, voice and words who fight for truth and injustice. Humanity is in the tears of those who feel hopeless for themselves.

Humanity is our last card, the Ace of Diamond. If we don’t play it well, we will lose this game.

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