The first step to success

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A lot of people dream of success such as financial gain, power or fame. Wanting is normal and even necessary in the process towards success. But there is a key ingredient in the process and that is clarity of vision: do you know what you want?

The first thing people need to ask themselves is what do I want? This is the destination. This is important because you have to know if you are there or not. I want to be rich is not clear, it is vague. I want one billion dollars is clearer than I want to be rich.

Another key question is, what does success look like? You have to know your visual markers such as a car, house, or happy family to know that you are there or on the way there. To push it further you can name your car’s brand, subdivision or what a happy family looks like.

I remember back in college that we were asked to write down and draw our life’s goals. I still have the document somewhere in our stockroom. The last time I saw it was more than 10 years ago but so far I already have most of it.

Be clear on what you want. It will help you in attaining your goals. This is at least the first step, not the only step.

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