How to Find Your Purpose

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What is your life’s purpose? This question is a million dollar question and is very hard to answer in a snap. It takes a lot of time and introspection to get to the answer. Some people live their life not knowing their purpose and not having one. This is so sad.

Let us take a moment to step back and ask ourselves the question, what is my purpose or what am I made for?

Here are some of the questions that you can start answering to help you see or create your purpose?

  1. What are the things I do not like to do?

I remember taking up photography as a hobby. Back then, there were a lot of talks on turning hobbies into money, so I thought of becoming a photographer. I tried but I don’t like the idea of staying up too late. What is my point? The starting point of finding our purpose is in us. Go ask yourself, what is your limit?

  1. What were the toys that you loved as a kid?

I remember having a scientist set and I have always played with a teacher’s grade book. Today I love to experiment and I love to teach or share. The past always carries clues to your future. Your past has already created your future. Does it mean you are stuck to what has happened in the past? No, the past just carries clues, you have your skills today that will make your future. So what were the toys that made you happy?

  1. What did you do best as a kid?

Again, let us go back to the past. I never feared speaking in front or performing in front of people. I was made to speak in front. Many of what we do today and will do tomorrow have started when we were young. So what did you do best as a child? Tap into that because that is your natural self, that is your authentic you.

Most people will ask you to look into the future for you to see your purpose. I have a different thought, look into your past because your purpose has been made from the start, the things you don’t like, the toys you played and the things you’re good at are the clues to your personal purpose.

Go and create your life’s purpose.









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